Startup Blueprint

The only program designed to fuel profitability for your startup by providing free payment processing and advice. Connecting through top tier incubators, accelerators and VCs, we activate the optimum revenue model for your business.

Let us help get your startup profitable, faster.

Your Benefits Include:

Paypal logo 90113b77b1c624cdb112157eb755efb19dec57e2a52eafac3d647233a5c7d78d

Free transaction volume up to $1.5 million USD* ($50,000 USD of PayPal fees waived for 18 months).

*transaction volume is dependent on PayPal merchant rate for your account.

Terms apply
Bt logo b1bb5621526cc6de02c9206d8f62b7ceb9670575eed48f8b1472eae26d287722

Free transaction volume up to $100,000 USD (Braintree fees waived for 18 months).

Terms apply
Paypal dev 0 bb3009f12113a509e2aa8fd75ac05e899bba39195cba4bf529cf68339e9b0447

Ongoing mentorship with thought leaders and PayPal Developer Relations teams.

Bp support 0 57cea6d3e971bb6ac277c8ab96116505148ca1fe1408cae5ba87d2054450e536

Top-notch dedicated customer service.

We understand what it takes to support a startup - from zero to millions of transactions every day.

Startup Blueprint provides global mentorship and support for the startup community. Each of our startups receives 1:1 attention, dedication and white glove support from our Startup Advisors, all of whom have started their own startups or worked at an early stage startup.

Braintree and PayPal began as startups

We understand how every dollar matters in the first few years. Let us help you with your cash flow by waiving transaction fees as you get started. When it's your time to grow, Braintree and PayPal have the best tools for you to scale.

Braintree and PayPal understand your business

We started small and today we lead the payments space in innovation and security. We empower startups to pay and get paid no matter how you do business.

Why PayPal?

We are one of the largest, most trusted online payments services in the world. Through our extensive global reach, we empower 165 million active accounts, 203 markets and 26 currencies globally. On a phone, in a store, or on a laptop, PayPal and Braintree empowers startups.

Build with the best.

Startup Blueprint partners with the top accelerators, incubators and venture capitalists to work with the best innovators out there.

The movement of cash and payments is actually something that’s due for disruption and it’s great to hear that PayPal is helping a lot of startups in the process of facilitating payments.

Carlos Espinal, SeedCamp

Partnering with PayPal is important to us because we are on the edge of innovation and they are too. It’s very much a startup mentality and that’s incredibly important when working with startups.

Christian O'Brien, 500 Startups

We're so excited about Startup Blueprint offerings. Startups are always trying to preserve their runway and having transaction fees waived is a real game changer for Techstars companies.

David Cohen, Tech Stars

When you first start out and begin to scale, every penny has to be accounted for, so we are really excited about EF's partnership with Startup Blueprint. It enables our founders to concentrate on consistently innovating whilst optimising their cashflow.

Matt Clifford, EF

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