Startup Blueprint is a global program that partners with top tier startups incubators, accelerators and VCs.

We understand what it takes to support a startup to growing from zero to millions of transactions every day.

PayPal Startup Blueprint provides innovative startups with tools needed to grow and succeed.


PayPal began as a startup

PayPal began as a startup more than 15 years ago.

We are returning to our startup roots by accelerating innovation in payments on the web, on mobile devices and in-stores.


PayPal gets your business

We started small and today we lead the payments space in innovation, global reach and security.

Nobody can power global payments for startups like PayPal.


Why PayPal?

We are one of the largest, most trusted online payments services in the world.

Through our extensive global reach, innovation and sophisticated security models, we provide payment transaction capabilities as businesses expand and scale.

Startups will get significant benefits, including…

18 months
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Free PayPal payment processing

Transaction fees wavied for 18 months, up to $50,000 USD. Terms apply.

Braintree logo

Free Braintree payment processing

Transaction fees wavied for 18 months, up to $100,000 USD of total payments volume. Terms apply.


Top-notch dedicated customer service

Ongoing mentorship with thought leaders and PayPal Developer Relations teams

Build with the best.

PayPal Startup Blueprint partners with the top accelerators, incubators and venture capitalists to work with the best innovators out there.

The movement of cash and payments is actually something that’s due for disruptions and it’s great to hear that PayPal is helping a lot of startups in the process of facilitating payments.

Carlos Espinal, SeedCamp

Partnering with PayPal is important to us because we are on the edge of innovation and they are too. It’s very much a startup mentality and that’s incredibly important when working with startups.

Christen O'Brien, 500 Startups

We're so excited about PayPal's Startup Blueprint offering. Startups are always trying to preserve their runway and having up to $50K in transaction fees waived is a real game changer for Techstars companies.

David Cohen, TechStars

PayPal is an incredible partner for Startupbootcamp's more than 125 startups. The Blueprint program will not only waive transaction fees, but equally as important provide hands-on payment support and guidance.

Andy Shannon, Startup Bootcamp

Our mentors and advisers are excited about finding the next big thing, to partner with the next promising entrepreneurs.

Tom Bronfield, Elevator

PayPal is a world-respected brand and we are very proud to be associated with it. With Blueprint, PayPal is making a great step towards startups: $50,000 in payments can make a real difference for them.

Alice Zagury, TheFamily

Most startups face at one point payment issues. We're pleased and reassured to know that PayPal will be around them to address those issues and back them with high-standard payment solutions.

Elise Nebout, LeCamping

Payments is one of our focus areas and we are excited to work with PayPal. Its important to us to work with partners that not only offer clear value to our startups, but also understand the culture.

Mike Reiner, StartupWiseGuys

Partnering with PayPal provides startups with a simple, reputable and secure payment platform that makes capturing revenue quick and easy, thereby freeing companies to concentrate on innovation and execution that will help them grow.

Ray Chan, K5Launch

ERA is very excited to work with PayPal in providing our companies access to one of the top innovators and leaders in the payments space to disrupt more markets.

Murat Aktihanoglu, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

PayPal knows the needs of startups and has been a leader in proactively finding solutions. Our entrepreneurs and technologists trust PayPal and we look forward to building great things together.

Susan Amat, VentureHive

Startups all over the world face the challenge of accepting payments from their customers so we are very happy to be able to partner with PayPal to make this process easier.

Jeremie Berrebi, Kima Ventures

PayPal's Startup Blueprint it's a great help that simplify the transaction process challenges. H-FARM is proud of partnering with PayPal and provide its startups the tools needed to grow and succeed.

Andrea Prencisvalle, H-FARM Ventures

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Frequently Asked Questions

PayPal began as a startup more than 15 years ago. We’re returning to our startup roots by accelerating innovation in payments not only online, but on mobile devices and in-stores.

PayPal was the first payments company to open up its APIs for developers in 2009. Today, we are building on that commitment to even more closely support startups by launching this global program called “PayPal's Startup Blueprint” to grow and closely support select companies.

Through Blueprint, we are helping and mentoring early stage startups grow their businesses. The program offers key benefits such as free PayPal transactions up to $50,000 USD in free fees (ar. 1.5m USD in total payments volume) as well as free Braintree transactions up to $100,000 USD in total payments volume. As part of the program, we provide mentorship, workshops and one-on-one time with PayPal employees for startups to get advice on technical and business topics. We are also offering white-glove support from PayPal’s customer service and from the developer relations team. Terms apply.

We are the first payments-focused company to offer a startup program dedicated to helping startups grow their business.

Our aim is to partner with the best accelerators to grow and support the best startups. Currently, we have partnered up with 500 Startups, Better Ventures, Elevator, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, Founder Institute, LeCamping, H.FARM Ventures, K5Launch, Kima Ventures, SeedCamp, StartupBootcamp, StartupWiseGuys, SURF Incubator, TechStars, TheFamily, UpWest Labs, Venture Hive and Village Capital. With this network, we reach 5,000 startups globally.

We plan to continue to expand and partner with the best accelerators and VCs on globally. Partners are able to nominate their startups for the program so that they can take advantage of the PayPal 's Startup Blueprint benefits.

No, we will continue to provide mentorship with accelerators with which PayPal is currently involved. We want to evolve our current relationships by providing eligible startups in their program with additional benefits through the PayPal's Startup Blueprint program.

We are not creating PayPal's Startup Blueprint to specifically acquire startups, but rather to support and foster the startup community.

Of course, all startups are eligible for this program if they meet the eligibility criteria.

There is no limit for the number of transactions, but there is a limit for the total amount of the benefits:

  • PayPal benefit: $50,000 USD of free PayPal fees (or up to 18 months whatever comes first)
  • Braintree: $100,000 USD of free total payments volume (or up to 18 months whatever comes first)

Once startups reach one of those limits, they will start receiving PayPal’s and Braintree’s standard fees. Terms apply

Startups can be eligible for the program if they:

  • Focus on making mobile and web software and hardware, preferably, but not exclusively, in the commerce industry
  • Are privately held
  • Make less than $3M USD of annual revenue or they are less than five years old
  • Are a member of your referral’s (Accelerator/Incubator/VC) portfolio or they are selected directly by PayPal
  • Haven’t already joined the Blueprint program in the past

Yes. We have actually 18 partners located in EMEA and North America including 500 Startups, Elevator, and SeedCamp. Today, we’ve added TechStars as well as our first VC partner, Kima Ventures. We’ve also added thriteen other partners including: Better Ventures, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, Founder Institute, LeCamping, H.FARM Ventures, K5Launch, StartupBootcamp, StartupWiseGuys, SURF Incubator, TheFamily, UpWest Labs, Venture Hive and Village Capital. With this network, we reach now 5,000 startups globally and we will further expand it in the future.

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